Friday, February 24, 2012

Spirit Week!!!

Spirit week!! This week is a week where you dress up in different outfits. On Wednesday it was pajama day, on Thursday it was crazy hair day, and on Friday it was Edina day. This week on Friday night it is Snow Fest. In every classroom there is a game that you can play. Mine is disco room. You play the games and get tickets to put in you classroom bucket. What every classroom in each grade has the most tickets get a type of party for there class. In the cafetiere there is food and tables that you can eat at. Last year in the gym there was double dutch. It was a really fun week!!!!


  1. This is Tatum B from Mr. Zetah's class.

    What was your favorite spirit day?

    What was your favorite activity at snowfest?

    1. edina day was my favorite. I didn't go to snowfest.